The future of iced coffee may be coming to a grocery store near you… in a carton?

Regular readers of know that I am a huge fan of what the awesome folks at Blue Bottle Coffee Company are doing to promote better coffee. I was really spoiled back in June, during PCBC, when I had a chance to visit the Mint Plaza location to enjoy freshly brewed coffee on site. Once again, Blue Bottle is in the news for even more innovation.

This time, Blue Bottle is being recognized for its unique iced coffee product: NOLA Iced Coffee. While you are able to order the drink freshly prepared in Blue Bottle locations, and can also order a kit to make the drink at home, there is now a third option for getting your iced coffee on: milk-like cartons of pre-made NOLA Iced Coffee coming to a grocery store near you.

The Atlantic’s Alex Madrigal has more:

Brewed with chicory, cut with whole milk, sweetened with cane sugar, it’s a cold coffee beverage that is at once sophisticated and unpretentious. It’s not an austere challenge to the Starbucks-trained palate like so much of high-brow coffee culture. It just tastes good in an interesting way.

James Freeman, the founder and CEO of Blue Bottle, created his version of old New Orleans drink back when his company was a stand at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market, only 10 years ago. It was an alternative to iced lattes, which he told me were a “compromised beverage” because the hot espresso hits the ice, changing its flavor profile.

To achieve a shelf-stable, yet good-tasting and good-quality product, the Blue Bottle team had to jump through a lot of hoops. Well worth the read.

Source: The Atlantic


Image courtesy Blue Bottle Coffee