MacBooks sweep latest Consumer Reports scores – Really?

OK, I admit – I am pretty much a total Mac fanboy. No joke, one of my 20-month old’s first couple words was “apple”, not the fruit, but the lighted logo on our pair of black and white MacBooks.

But my black MacBook (2.0GHz Intel Core2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 100GB HD) has been one of the most problematic Macs I have ever used. The primary issue appears to be related to the bluetooth module. My computer wakes repeatedly from sleep with the lid closed, and more troubling – refuses to wake sometimes, requiring a hard reset.

According to AppleInsider, the June issue of Consumer Reports shows that Apple’s MacBook beats out computers in most every category:

Consumer Reports’ study covers not only performance but design, versatility, the screen quality and battery life.

I have been very happy with my laptop, but the bluetooth issue is driving me insane. I’m getting ready to do major surgery to fix the problem. I hope it works…

But while I’m at it, I’m going to max out the RAM to 4GB and upgrade the drive to a 320GB 7200RPM model that should solve my storage and performance issues and hopefully delay upgrading the machine for another year or two. We’ll see.

Wish me luck.

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