A New Face

I finally updated this site with a fancy new theme. As part of the upgrade I spent some time revamping my entire online persona. I have now added Flickr, Facebook and some other tools that are integrated.

I also moved the “about” page to the front of the site. I don’t update the blog frequently enough and I want a true “home page”. There are still some things that I’m working on, but for what it is worth, here I am.

As has been the case for some time, most of my activity online isn’t on this blog. I’m not a professional blogger and I just don’t have all that much to publish on a regular basis. There is a lot of activity though on FriendFeed (blhill), so please check that out and if so inclined, set up an account and add me to your subscriptions. If you’re more of the Twitter persuasion, you can follow me there (@blhill). As mentioned, I did add a Facebook account, but I am going to limit it to just actual friends and family, so if I don’t add you there it is either because I hate you or I don’t really know you. (Just kidding…)


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