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So that didn’t go well… Seems that Tumblr didn’t like importing feeds so I decided to investigate all the hoopla and jumped in with both feet to Posterous. I can thus control where and how I post all via email which also means that I can maintain an archive through gmail. Now all the random tidbits that I find during the course of the day will end up on

Just when I was starting to feel pretty good about my flow of information and the organization/integration of that information, a wrench got thrown into the works. I was using the venerable FriendFeed as a means of aggregating all of my online activities. FriendFeed would pull in feeds from this blog, twitter, and various other sources. It seemed like an ideal situation, as I have enjoyed using FriendFeed as a means of perusing the aggregated content of others that I respect and follow.

And then this: FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook and will be integrated into the latter’s service. For me this is frustrating. I use Facebook solely as a means of interacting with actual friends and family – most of whom use Facebook as their sole online venue. I don’t want to try to add in the hundreds of people I follow on FriendFeed to Facebook – Facebook’s interface is just not very conducive for me to stay abreast of the goings on in tech and the architecture/engineering/construction/legal real-time web.

As far as aggregating my own content, I’ve set up a stream via Tumblr that will pull in everything I do. Many of those items from that stream will also make their way to my Twitter account. I have the option of cross-posting to my Facebook status and Twitter using a variety of tools, but I don’t want to saturate Facebook with the dozens of links I come across on a regular basis – as I stated above, Facebook just isn’t the right tool for managing a large stream of information. What about FriendFeed? For now, I’m going to keep using it. Using the grouping features combined with real-time search makes it easy for me to hone in on various topics. But I am going to do away with it eventually. I have been using the excellent Seesmic Desktop app for managing twitter and Facebook updates, but I really need to spend some time grouping the people I follow to aid in managing that flow of information.

Sorry FriendFeed. You guys made a great product that I have used almost daily for many months now. But I don’t want to have to integrate with Facebook. I’m not saying that I won’t derive value from this acquisition in the future, but it isn’t what I’m looking for right now.

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