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Link: AEC Info Streams Helpful Construction News, Marketing Advice and Legal | Reiser Legal LLC

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> is a online resource for those in the building product industry. Whether you are an architect, engineer, contractors or construction-related professional (such as an attorney), provides excellent resources that help you understand changing trends in the use of building products, building codes, green building initiatives and other helpful information.

From their website:

Launched in 1996, is the original online resource for architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) professionals. Our industry specific database averages over one million page views per month. Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Purchasing Managers, Building and Home Owners all use as their first source of building products information. launched an iPhone and iPad application recently to provide easy access to news and information on the construction world. In the changing world of construction, its great to find businesses trying to make information more accessible to the construction public.

Think about it: You are at the job site and you realize that you need to terminate one of your subcontractors who has repeatedly failed to comply with directives. The subcontractor begins to complain that he will have to file a lien immediately and you begin to worry about whether this will hamper your job.

If your attorney isn?t available ? or maybe you do not have one ? you can now reach for your phone to see if their is local attorney out there that has expertise in the area of concern, or to determine if an attorney has recently published an article about the lien rights of subcontractors. Needless to say, any bit of free information helps.
With AEC?s new application, users can read lawyers? blog posts, send them through email, share them on Twitter, and open access lawyer websites through their Iphone/iPad web browser (Safari).

According to AEC, the app has been very well received and this should open up a whole new set of readers to you and your website. Go to their website to learn more.