Traditional Property Policies Can Leave Green Buildings Exposed | Insurance Journal

Link: Traditional Property Policies Can Leave Green Buildings Exposed | Insurance Journal

    With the U.S. Green Building Council forecasting growth in the green building market to double between now and 2013, agents and brokers can expect to see increasing client demand for green insurance coverage. Because standard commercial property insurance policies typically do not cover many aspects of green properties, companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint face unique insurance requirements.

Whether a company has a green building or would like to take the necessary steps to green their current business, agents and brokers should counsel their clients to purchase green insurance coverage. To determine the right level of insurance coverage for a property, the first step is to work with clients to place an appropriate value on their buildings. Agents and brokers should align themselves with an insurance company that both performs onsite engineering visits and offers insight on the valuation analysis to assist them with arriving at an accurate assessment for their clients.

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