Meet The Plane Small Enough For Your Garage


Have you always wanted a plane but didn’t want the hassle of the whole hangar thing? Well, the folks at Icon are showing off their Icon A5, which has wings that fold up for convenient storage right next to the Bowflex you never use.

The travel-writin’ peeps at snapped some pics of the A5, which is currently on display at the JetBlue terminal at JFK International Airport in New York.

This puppy will set you back $135,000, but you won’t have to worry about carry-on fees… mostly because you can’t bring more than 60 lbs of baggage on board.

Go over to Jaunted to check out their gallery of the A5.

Via: Consumerist

I know it sounds silly, but $135,000 for a brand new airplane with this kind of innovation is actually a hell of a bargain. There are going to be a lot more of these as the somewhat new Sport Pilot License takes off, so to speak. The license is different from the more commonly recognized Professional Pilot License in that the pilot may only fly a certain type of aircraft, and the flights are limited to non-commercial, daytime, domestic travel. It is easier to obtain, the operating costs are less generally, and the insurance is less costly. I miss flying…