?Dig This? ? The Heavy Equipment Theme Park For Adults

?I?ll race you to that rock pile!?

This location is only a few miles from where I live.

Although it?s a business idea that may create dozens of jobs in Henderson [Nevada, adjacent to Las Vegas], it?s a business that could also aggravate lots of homeowners.

The project has been envisioned as a heavy equipment theme park where customers can drive bulldozers, backhoes, and dump trucks. For anyone that loves trucks and heavy machinery, this could be quite a playground. But there?s a lot of skepticism surrounding the plan, which could also be very noisy and dusty.

Business owner Ed Mumm […] already operates a similar attraction in Colorado.

?Basically, a big adult sandbox super-sized from their earlier childhood.?

While it may be a giant sandbox for some, those who live nearby have some serious reservations.
If ?Dig This? is approved, it would charge customers hundreds of dollars for hands-on training and a chance to operate what it calls ?20 tons of fun.?

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