Work on Databases Remotely with Filemaker Go for iPhone and iPad

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FileMaker has just released FileMaker Go for the iPhone and iPad, giving FileMaker Pro users the ability to work remotely and interface with their databases from their favorite iOS device.

These apps allow users to view and interact with FileMaker Pro databases, make modifications to the remote systems, and download or copy databases from the web or from your Mac or PC.

FileMaker released an iPad version of its Bento app as soon as the device launched, but this marks the first foray of actual FileMaker Pro support for iOS devices.

It?s further proof that mobile devices ? both phones and tablets ? are being taken more seriously by business users. As business adoption increases, more robust application support has followed.

FileMaker Go is sold separately for the iPhone [iTunes link] and iPad [iTunes link] for $19.99 and $39.99, respectively. This isn?t your typical application pricing, but you essentially get the full functioning FileMaker client on your portable device.

You can do almost anything with the data that you could in the FileMaker Pro desktop app, including sorting, connecting to external SQL data sources and even running most of the scripts that work with FileMaker Pro.

For remote connection (which can take place over WiFi or 3G), you can access the data and make changes directly. If you want to copy files and make changes, you can share databases via iTunes or download database files from Dropbox, or e-mail.

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