Local Reno Firms provide RESNET Energy Audits, BPI Building Analysis & Retrofit Solutions

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A typical residential energy audit takes approximately five to six hours, with the first step being a complete building analysis looking at the square footage and volume of the structure, the construction materials and building methods used, and the age and efficiency of appliances. Testing includes the use of a blower door and pressure gauge, a duct blaster, and thermal imaging camera to capture photos that can display problem areas of air infiltration into the structure and if detected, where the infiltration is coming from. All of this data is then analyzed and placed into a report outlining the issues and the recommendations to fix them with a cost pay back and life cycle analysis for your return on investment.
Energy retrofits are a good investment. An example is a weatherization retrofit that costs $5,000 and could save the client typically 30% on their utility costs of $250 per month. That savings is $75 per month, with a payback on the investment of 5.5 years. Over the 25 year life cycle of the retrofits completed, your initial investment of $5000 will have earned $22,500!