IGCC Hearings Are Fast Approaching ? What?s the Verdict?

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The IGCC is set to head to hearing next month in Chicago

The International Code Council (ICC) is responsible for authoring most of the building codes implemented around the US. Back in March, the ICC released its first ?beta? version of a Green Construction Code.

The ICC?s Green Construction Code (called the IGCC) was released during a meeting held on March 15, 2010 in Washington DC. A video of the event can be found at the ICC website. A copy of the newly released IGCC can be located by visiting the ICC website and registering. Once registered, you can easily review the IGCC.

The first version was released with the goal of spurring conversation amongst the legal and construction elite. All commentary was reviewed and will be taken into account for application in the final version of the code. The commentary period ran from March through May 2010.

I discussed the release of the Code back in March, adding some commentary on the initial form. You might check out that article for some simple analysis on what the Code says and does. You should also read this brief response to the release on NY LEED attorney Shari Shapiro?s blog.

Since the Code?s release there has been some commentary on the issues raised by the language in the initial version of the Code. But, much to my surprise, there has been little dialogue between green building attorneys. Hopefully that will change after the final draft is released.

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