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Scott McMillin knows a little something about housing downturns. The son of Corky McMillin, an iconic San Diego real estate developer, he grew up in the business and has seen his fair share of booms and busts.

?My dad started the family real estate business the year I was born in 1960,? he explained.

While Corky McMillin Companies have weathered recessions before, the current downturn forced them to make some hard choices ? closing down offices in their realty business and sitting tight on new development projects.

?One of the things we wanted to do was stay in business,? McMillin said. ?When the market starts contracting, you have to start contracting your business.?

Now, however, McMillin, who serves as the chairman of the Corky McMillin Companies, along with his brother, Mark, the president and CEO, is building the realty business back up in South County. For the first six months of the year, McMillin Realty has increased its work force from 119 to 150 and invested in technology and training for its agents. Concentrating on the short sale market, McMillin said he?s seen the business increase 20 percent from last year.

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