Android Gets Its First Ever Virus–You’re a Mandroid, My Son (Updated)

Android virus

Nurse, the screens, please. Android’s got itself a nasty little virus–its first. It goes by the name of Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer-A, says Kaspersky Lab, the firm that detected it, and it takes the form of a media player. A media player is most definitely what it isn’t, however. Once on your smartphone, it fires off SMSes to premium-rate phone numbers, sending your phone bill through the roof, as well as a share of the profits from the line owners to the nasty bugmakers.

The virus has, so far, only affected Android users in Russia but, as the Google-developed OS increases its market share, expect the amount of malware and viruses to increase worldwide–don’t forget last month’s nasty little wallpaper app that harvested users’ private data, and today’s report from the BBC outlining just how simple it is to create and pass on a smartphone virus.

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