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Flooding in Nashville, Tennessee
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Severe rain and flooding swept through Tennessee last May, causing catastrophic damage which made the headlines around the globe. Lives were lost, people were separated, drinking water was rationed and the homes and businesses many residents were severely damaged.

Chip Merlin posted details of the loss in Tennessee Floods and the Emotion of Disaster. The video in the post is worth watching a second time.

Now, some three months later, citizens of Tennessee continue to try to put their lives back together after this disaster. It is not an easy task. In an attempt to find out first-hand more details about the damage in Nashville and the surrounding areas, I contacted FirstCall, a public adjusting firm located in the heart of Nashville.

Many residents and business owners have realized the value of hiring a public insurance adjuster. This particular Nashville based firm was founded by Phil Breeden.

FirstCall has 20 employees and has been adjusting claims for policyholders since 1989. The company has gained a great reputation for helping folks with their insurance claims and has offered to share information about how they have been able to help the policyholders of Tennessee with their recent losses. FirstCall also explained the hurdles they face adjusting claims in throughout Tennessee (FirstCall is also licensed and practices in TX, OK, OH, MS, MI, LA, KY, KS, IL, GA, FL).

One hurdle facing FirstCall may be familiar to PAs all across the country. Stephanie Allen, the director of marketing for FirstCall explained:

Many people do not know the public adjusting profession even exists until after disaster strikes or after their claim has problems.

I have heard similar sentiments like this from countless public adjusters. Tennessee and its neighboring states have suffered extensive property damage recently and still insureds are not aware that adjusters are available to advocate for them. FirstCall is working to change the status quo

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