Is the Multiple-Monitor Productivity Boost a Myth? | Lifehacker

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Nothing looks cooler than a desk with an array of giant monitors. But if you aren’t working for NASA or as a day trader, does having all those monitors help with productivity? Lifehacker addresses the issue by taking a deeper look at published studies:

The first report I could find is a report from the University of Utah in 2003 followed up by a new one in 2008. If you follow the money, you can likely predict the results?the study was commissioned by monitor manufacturer NEC. And surprise, the results of the study are: buy bigger, more expensive monitors!

What’s surprising is that the media crooned over the multiple monitor part of the study, when the study came to the conclusion that it was pixels, not monitors that increased productivity. What’s also surprising is that while the report mentioned that there were productivity gains in certain tasks with more screen real estate, those gains begin to taper between 26 and 30 inches, or at monitors where the native resolution is 2560×1440 or greater.

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