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Stephen Bolling, at Regenerative Homes, proposes a compelling solution to the current housing crisis – build better homes that consumers actually want:

Consumers want better, they want what?s new, and they want to be at the forefront of new technology that will lower their energy bills and make their lives easier preparing food in the kitchen, bathrooms easier to clean and use less water and spaces where they can multi-task, work from their computer and take care of their kids. What they are shown instead are homes that are similar to those from the 90?s, the 80?s and even the 70?s. Homes are still sticks, stucco and drywall with no relation to the environment, the sun or the breezes. Despite well-meaning programs like LEED and EnergyStar, the bottom line today is how cheap it will be for the developer to build, not how much you will benefit from lower energy costs. In today?s economy that certainly is true. Mass produced homes are money pits and the public knows it. The homes being built provide space, often too much space, and often too little where its needed most. People want efficiency in space but also in how that space operates and what that space provides the consumer.

The housing industry needs to find their iPhone, their Blue-Ray, they need to utilize technology like Bluetooth is utilized in communications. People will pay, and pay more, if they feel they?re getting something for their money that?s different and better than what was on the market last year. People like the idea of lower energy bills, less heating and cooling repairs, and homes that don?t feel like warehouses. And they like the idea of homes that make their lives less stressful. A home that is actually working for them is less stressful.

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