Lawyers Send Vague Construction Defect Notices in Attempt to Subvert SB 800?s Right of Repair

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This week we filed an amicus ?friend of the court? letter asking the California Supreme Court to take up a construction defect case brought against Standard Pacific. That case arose after the homeowners? lawyers had given the builder a generic list of unspecific defects, and Standard Pacific was unable to identify, let alone repair, the alleged problems. Standard Pacific asked the homeowners and their lawyers to be more specific, and to make the homes available for inspection, but the homeowners and their lawyers refused. The Supreme Court did not accept the case, but this issue will surely arise again in other litigation if this practice continues.
At some point a court will recognize the game that is being played by construction defect lawyers who yearn to return to the litigious pre-SB 800 era, but until that day homebuilders will need to remain vigilant in upholding the common sense ideas behind the Right to Repair Act.