Cal Poly Pomona wants to raze iconic but seismically unstable building

CLA Building at Cal Poly Pomona
Image via Wikipedia

Anyone who has visited Cal Poly Pomona in the last decade has probably seen the Classroom Laboratory Administration building. Its triangular “skyroom” atop the eight-story tower is visible from the freeway, a sort of visual representation of the university. As the name suggests, the building houses a mix of classrooms, labs and faculty and staff spaces. Altogether, the building has stations or seats for more than 1,700 people.

The building’s signature appearance was the result of an international design competition launched by the university. It ended up costing about $24 million, making it the most expensive building CSU had ever erected at that time.

But since its completion in 1993, it has been plagued with structural flaws. In a construction defect lawsuit filed against the contractors, CSU officials said the builders had installed inadequate weather protection systems ?