Dangers Of Going Green – Industrial Hygienists Suggest Watching Out For Mold When Going Green

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Industrial hygienists found that mold, rot, and corrosion are dangers that must be accounted for when builders construct energy-efficient homes. Recycled materials used in this type of construction are likely to absorb more water than new materials. Air quality can also become an issue because of a heightened focus on insulation which, in addition to reducing heating and cooling costs, can limit the movement of water vapor and potential pollutants.

Green building is a growing trend across the country. Eco-friendly homes are being built with recycled wood, solar panels and energy efficient appliances — but what is healthy for the environment could hide a growing problem in its walls.

Amanda Keating is glowing about her new green home. “I’m really proud to live here, and I like to show off,” says Keating.

But before you build green, you need to know that if you don’t build these eco-friendly homes right, you could be facing a costly problem.