Expert Witnesses ? Early Case Involvement

Trust us, we're expert
Image by phauly via Flickr

An unfortunate practice among many attorneys is to wait until the last minute to retain an Expert Witness. This has put a strain on the attitude that Experts have toward attorneys. As Expert Witnesses will tell you, waiting to hire them for their services can be detrimental to all parties involved in the case. It burdens the Expert to perform at his best, sometimes having to process months of information and produce his opinion under unreasonable time constraints. This is not to the benefit of the attorney or the client. One Expert we interviewed had this to say,

??frustration mounts, anger sets in, and you quietly curse the Litigators for waiting until the very last minute to solidify your expertise for case leverage. Thoughts of putting the monkey on their backs run through your head, like why not add a penalty for putting me, the expert, into a position of having to now work 15 hours per day to perform at my best. Where do we as experts justify the pressure generated by firms in general, without any consideration of the hurdles we?ll have to run in order to offer professional expertise. Should we tack on additional billable hours as ?Overtime? pay, or swallow the enchilada that this is just the way things are done in the expert witness arena, and reconcile that this is your job description, live with it??