Thoughts for Your Green Building Contract

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An earlier article by Chris Cheatham, of Green Building Law Update and Cheatham Consulting, LLC, discussed the AIA?s release of a standard green building contract for use between the architect and the owner. The AIA?s B214 might be a great place to start, for most project developers.

But, its important to think ahead and take into account some of the key concerns of constructing a project. For instance, site testing and selection, financing and tax incentives, and certification prospects should all be discussed before looking at designs. You will also need to determine a suitable procedure and method for testing, evaluating and inspecting the project, as it progresses.

I think that Stephen does a good job of discussing some of these important items in a ten step ?checklist? of sorts. Please review his list and think of other considerations that might affect the building process. Keep a running checklist for your own negotiation process.