Greener Dawn: Join Bill Walton?s Team and Go Solar!

A future cap & trade program will bring much needed value over time but in the short term there will be costs to bear for our previous mistakes. These costs would be a result from fossil fuel power plants, particularly coal, paying necessary fees on the carbon they emit. These power providers need to retrofit their facilities to reduce their carbon emissions. These major polluters will then try to pass their responsibilities on to rate payers who would then be stuck footing the bill through higher utility rates. According to the Pew Center on Climate Change, 50% of all electricity generated comes from burning coal into the air.

Now one may ask, ?Since our dominant form of residential power generation (coal) is harmful to the environment, and will continue to rise in cost with a large increase shortly, and does not provide homeowners with any energy independence; why would Americans not aggressively look to other sources particularly renewable energy??

The answer is?-we are strangling and suffocating ourselves due to our lack of education and poor decision making.