Builder Magazine: Louisiana Builder Tracks Cost of Building Green

How much more does it cost to build to the Gold standard of the NAHBGreen rating system than to Silver or Bronze certification? What specs would have to be upgraded to escalate a home?s rating?

Sure, you could calculate all of that on paper, but builder Roy Domangue of Wooden Creations, in Gonzales, La., northwest of New Orleans, wanted to find out in the real world of a jobsite?and help educate consumers, other builders, appraisers, lenders, and regulatory agencies about green building at the same time.

His project, Going Up, Going Green, encompasses a trio of new, 1,912-square-foot homes that are essentially identical except for variations in green building practices and products to achieve different levels of certification under the NAHB Green Building Standard rating system. The homes also meet the current IRC energy-efficiency requirements, comply with high-wind and flood-plain codes, and (except for the Bronze-level house) qualify under the federal Energy Star and Builder?s Challenge programs.