Nicolas Cage and Former Business Manager Named in Construction Defect Lawsuit

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage and his former business manager are named in a cross-complaint by a general contractor who was sued along with both men in a home construction defect lawsuit.

Richard C. Nazarian, owner of The Nickel Co., brought the suit Friday against Cage and accountant Samuel Levin, asking that they be be ordered to pay at least part of any judgment against him as well as his costs to defend himself in court.

The plaintiff, Bradley Lindsley, is a brother of actress Blake Lindsley.

He bought a Venice home from Cage seven years ago for $3 million.

Lindsley originally sued the developer, the Lee Group, then added Cage — whose well-publicized real estate woes include his sales of some of his other homes at drastically reduced prices — as a defendant as well as Levin and Nazarian.

He is suing the actor for fraud and negligent non-disclosure.

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