Innovation Agents: Emily Kroll, Founder and CEO of EKLA Home

Like so many environmentally-conscious citizens, Emily Kroll worries about conspicuous consumption and its effect on the planet. “I do as much as I can to not have that great an impact and try my best to educate others,” says Kroll. But she?s done much more than just recycling and composting food scraps. As founder of the sustainable furniture company EKLA Home, Kroll?s taking on a toxic giant–the poisoning of indoor air due to volatile organic compounds (VOCs commonly found in wood stains and paints)–and winning.

EKLA Home is considered the cleanest sustainable furniture manufacturer in the country. The business grew by two hundred percent last year and counts among its clients Starbucks, Sony Music, MTV and Razorfish, all clamoring to green their spaces (and get LEED credits, too). In this Q&A, Emily Kroll talks about the importance of sustainable design, craftsmanship, bootstrapping, and the power of believing in yourself.

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