Las Vegas – Architectural Wasteland: Now That the Pillaging and Plundering is Done, What Next?

Developers tried to take the winning formulas from projects in California and Arizona and apply them to Southern Nevada. With few true architectural successes and many uncompleted/abandoned projects, the Las Vegas area has become a wasteland. J. Patrick Coolican of the Las Vegas Sun spent some time with local architects and got their take on the situation:

The architects are largely in agreement: We need to grapple with what we?ve done, learn from mistakes, and begin planning a new future, with the entire community playing a role.

Despite what?s happened, they are cheerful, optimistic even, that a new future can be had. Strain says if he had a pocketful of money, he?d be building. It?s time, he says.

Many of the out-of-town developers, the Tuscany crowd, have left. But these architects are still here.