A Tale Of Two Meetings: The Construction Defect Litigation Industry vs. The “Green” Building Movement

6 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Meetings: The Construction Defect Litigation Industry vs. The “Green” Building Movement”

  1. That is an incredible insight into the future! I agree that as a Construction consultant, I need to shift my emphasis which is something I have been working on already. It also illustrates that maybe as investigators we have made a change in our industry and that the need for our services is no longer there. Thanks for the "birds eye view" of the contrast between the two subjects.

    Steve Hill
    SHCC Inc

  2. Our firm specializes in the exterior building envelope with a nationwide practice. In addition to expert witness work, we provice services to designers, owners and contractors during the construction process. Our expert witness practice is still busy. The dynamics are changing with more retrofit projects than new construction. It stands to reason with the current dearth of new construction projects that anything associated with that would be reduced. And, with the lag time between construction and litigation, a decline in expert withness work for new construction seems inevitable.

    Geen and sustainable technology has definately taken hold and we feel it will be more and more a part of future projects for both new constuction and retrofit projects. There also will inevitably be litigation from some of the new technologies that don't work out exactly as planned. Rather than sit back and wait for the litigation, our company prefers to get involved with projects during design and construction and help prevent problems, reducing the need for litigation down the road.

    Paul Beers
    Glazing Consultants International, LLC

    1. Thanks for the response, Paul. It seems like the firms that have balanced their consulting between litigation and active construction are faring the best. Additionally, those firms that are not exclusively focused on residential construction defect work, seem to be faring better as well.

      Perhaps you or someone from your firm would be interested in doing a guest post, in order to provide some more insight? Let me know…

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