Imad Naffa: Engineer, Building Code Consultant, Social Media Superstar on Getting Things Done with Pluggio

Imad Naffa (@ImadNaffa on Twitter) has over 40,000 followers on Twitter and has used social media to achieve some amazing results. For instance, he was recently invited to China as part of the TED series, and has conversed online with Jordanian royalty. He posts hundreds of items per day. How does he do it?

When I started using social media I didn’t anticipate just how many different niches I would be interested in keeping track of. I wanted to find a tool that would help me manage that without data overload.

I started looking around at many tools as I knew it was time for me to upgrade from to a more sophisticated productivity solution. That’s when I found Pluggio.

Pluggio is an online service that offers a great deal of functionality for managing a prolific Twitter account.