In 2010, Trend Towards Lawsuits Against Manufacturers Of Allegedly Defective Products

According to Bloomberg, “the most prominent trend in U.S. court verficts in 2010 [was] a surge in awards against companies accused of putting defective products on the market.”

?Jurors are more willing to believe that there was corporate wrongdoing that was intentional,? said Ophelia Camina, a lawyer at Susman Godfrey in Dallas who won a $246 million verdict last year in a breach-of-warranty and fraud case against JDA Software Group. ?It?s easier to get people angry when they?re already brooding.?

According to Bloomberg, ten of the 50 largest jury verdicts last year came in product-defect cases, compared with five in 2009 and one in 2008. There were 15 such verdicts of $25 million or more in 2010, compared with seven in 2009.