What Happened to the Great Architect-Client Relationship? [Architect Magazine]

Yet another example of how important relationships are to the success of business:

Architects? struggles with client relationships are as old as the profession itself. Who hasn?t heard an architect grumble about making design compromises because of client demands? The story of Mies van der Rohe?s commission to design a house for Dr. Edith Farnsworth as if it were a residence for himself continues to instill longing in architects, despite the difficulties that living in the house posed for the client.

There is an even better story, however, that tells of great buildings borne out of flourishing architect and client relationships. The vigorous partnership between Louis Kahn and Jonas Salk around a shared vision for the future of medical research led to the inspired design of the Salk Institute?a building that would not have been realized by architect or client alone. In my conversations with the clients of Tadao Ando?s Times building or Antoine Predock?s Rose house, for example, the story is the same: the triumph of these projects demanded a successful alliance?occasional healthy disagreements included?for their realization.

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