More From Less: Mac vs. PC

I didn’t post anything yesterday here, or anywhere else, for that matter. With the help of a true Mac Server expert, we completed a major upgrade of our Mac OS X Server.

In reflection, I realized just how relatively easy the whole process was. Data migration was a breeze, set-up was a couple hours, and except for a few hiccups, the upgrade was painless. That is, because we are talking about a Mac OS X Server. Not a Windows server, not a Linux server.

For me, Windows is just out of the question. The level of understanding required to avoid problems requires professional support, in my opinion. And when it comes to the issue of “but this absolutely mission critical program only runs on Windows,” I simply point to VMware Fusion 3, Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac, or BootCamp. There is no excuse to run Windows PCs, unless you have professional support.

I do have a real heart for the open source software movement. GNU, Linux, BSD, etc., offer true freedom. But, “freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to do…”, and if you don’t have anything better to do, open source is the way go. I have immense respect for those that take the time to learn how to run one of the many variants of Linux. But the barrier of entry is much too high, especially for small/solo businesses without professional tech support.

For small businesses, Macs make the most sense. I just got tired of the hassle of working on Windows computers. And though I love the ideal of open source software (many programs I use are in fact open source), the work-arounds to accomplish certain tasks is prohibitive. I need my computers to simply work as intended.

Figuring in all the tech support costs, anti-virus software and frustration of Windows, or the all-out devotion required for “rolling your own” with Linux, the total cost of ownership for a Mac is less for solo/small firms.

More From Less: Get a Mac. Life’s too short.