Chris Cheatham: LEED Automation Reduces Need For LEED Consultants

Chris Cheatham, of Cheatham Consultants and Green Building Law Update, offers a sobering prediction regarding the impact of LEED Automation on LEED consultants:

Many of my friends in the green building industry are LEED consultants. Among other activities, these consultants put together the LEED documentation necessary to apply for LEED certification. This type of LEED consulting will soon be unnecessary

If LEED automation software streamlines the application process, then there will be less need for the services of LEED consultants. Additionally, as more developers, contractors and design professionals begin to use LEED automation software, LEED consultants will no longer be needed. The developers, contractors and design professionals will simply fold LEED administrative tasks into normal business practice; many have already done so. The remaining LEED consultants will fight for the scraps left over and will have to learn to use LEED software going forward.