Vegas, Baby!

For the first time ever, my family and I are taking a vacation together. We’re off to Las Vegas. Hopefully there won’t be too much fear or loathing…

We are fairly frugal, so taking a family of five on vacation has typically proved beyond budgetary constraints. Most of my “vacation time” in the past several years has been spent at home. We really lucked out though, because my parents have a time share reserved, but are only using part of the week. So our only costs are going to be food and some gas.

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the whole Vegas experience, and 95% of my time there has been work-related. But we are all really looking forward to this.

Somewhat work-related, I will be very close to CityCenter, so I’m hoping to take advantage of my wife’s photography skills to score some good pictures.

I plan to still post here and at More From Less while on vacation. Plus I’m still working on some other sites that should be up and running soon.

Time to start packing!