Why Do I.T. Consultants Have Such Crappy Websites?

2 thoughts on “Why Do I.T. Consultants Have Such Crappy Websites?”

  1. Brian:

    I completely agree! I recently asked for a referral to a specific IT person, and the person I was asking had to warn me that the website of the recommended guy was full of typos etc but that he was "really brilliant" and not to let it put me off. Well, it did.

    1. I know what you mean. I went to Apple Consultants Network to find some local certified tech people. You'd think that as "Apple Certified" consultants they'd at least try to do something hip and/or cool to emulate the whole "Apple thing," but no. One guy's website was a single page with a link to send him an email/page. As in send a message to an actual pager. Who uses pagers anymore? If my I.T. consultant doesn't have better technology tools than my mother does, forget it. Of course, my mom just got the iPad 2 (to replace her "outdated" iPad), but that's another story…

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