Announcement: Re-Launch of Vermont Vacation Rental on the shores of Lake Champlain

Several years ago, one of my colleagues followed through with his dream of owning a house on the shores of Lake Champlain. He recounted stories of his youth with summer vacations spent in “camp” style vacation homes. The stories captured my imagination.

When Duane purchased the property, a three bedroom, three bath, tri-level home at the end of Way Lane in Bridport, Vermont, some of the initial work involved made me wonder if it wasn’t going to end up like the movie, “The Money Pit.” Within a short amount of time, after a lot of hard work, not only had Duane created a wonderful vacation property for him and his loved ones, but it was something that would appeal to a lot of other people as well. The property soon appeared on Craigslist and on a number of vacation rental sites. If I recall correctly within the first or second year, the summer rentals were booked solid.

I designed and developed the first version of because Duane noticed that a lot of other vacation rental properties had their own websites. Digging around, I was shocked to learn how competitive the Vermont vacation rental market was. The original website was OK for the time, running on the latest version of WordPress and using a theme that I customized. The big draw was the photos. Even bad photos of the property and the lake looked good.

The downside to that first version of the website was that updating content was cumbersome at best. Importing photos and making sure they displayed properly was a real challenge. So a few months ago, Duane and I discussed refreshing the site. After my work on KPAA’s website, I knew that Squarespace was the way to go. I used Apple’s Keynote program to create some mock-ups of the site and the user interface. Once I got to work on the actual design, Squarespace’s intuitive and user friendly interface allowed me to rapidly implement the layout and color scheme Duane had chosen.

The end result is now live at There you’ll find extensive information about the property and the surrounding area. But the best part is the photo galleries. In our industry, there is a mantra: It Is What It Is. And the photos of Duane’s property showcase what this Vermont vacation rental has to offer: a spacious, well-decorated, comfortable home away from home on the shore of Lake Champlain.

I encourage you to browse around the site and check out the photos. If you are looking for the perfect family vacation, check out the availability calendar to see what dates are still open. There are lots of things to do on the property and in the surrounding area all year long. The Summers are calm and relaxing, in Fall the trees explode into color, the Winter snow transforms the property into a veritable wonderland, and in Spring everything old is new again. The surrounding area offers a glimpse back into time with towns that predate the founding of this country. (The house is also the ideal base for attending Middlebury College graduations, but those time slots fill up quickly.)

Duane is a colleague, mentor and friend and I am grateful for the opportunity to work on this site. While Vermont was never a destination at the top of my list, I look forward to the opportunity to take my family there. This Lake Champlain vacation rental has really grown on me.