Don’t Sell Professional Services Like This Used Car Salesman

Stewart Hirsch, writing for Trusted Advisor Associates LLC, just wanted to help his son purchase a used truck for business. The younger Hirsch had located a dealer with a specific truck that met his needs. All the salesperson needed to do was close the deal. The deal failed for a number of reasons, causing Hirsch to wonder what could have been done differently. I think these same tips apply to negotiating professional services as well:

  1. Just stop with the lying. Just stop it. Why do dealers lie so much?.  Lying loses trust, and trust loses sales.
  2. Don’t fake scarcity. Yes it’s used a lot as a sales tactic.  That doesn’t make it right.
  3. Make sure policies are grounded in some principle that is important. “You can’t take the truck to your mechanic” was a policy. And if you’re going to claim you have a policy, at least have the good sense to stick to it.
  4. Stop with the closing. Good closing happens when the buyer is ready to buy.  It doesn’t happen because the seller says “deal!”
  5. Listen to your customers. Should it really be that hard?