On Nina Simone

AlterNet posted a story by someone named Mole333 about Nina Simone. My youngest daughter’s middle name is Simone. My wife and I are huge fans of Nina Simone’s music and life. Nice to see some more respect being paid to a woman that means so much to me.

Perhaps surprisingly I had never heard of Nina Simone until I hung out for awhile in a rather odd wine bar near the downtown NYU campus called the Bourgeois Pig where I found some good wine and music that included a fair amount of one of my favorites–Tom Waits. But there was also a powerful woman singer that was also featured on their musical tracks…someone I discovered was Nina Simone. I used to hang out there reading scientific papers over some wine and enjoying the music in the background. The sound of her voice was powerful, almost overwhelming. And the pairing with Tom Waits as the main background music for the place was amazing.

Link: On Nina Simone, Powerful Singer and Civil Rights Leader | Culture | AlterNet.