Twitter Co-Founder Continues Point of Sale Tool Development

Jack Dorsey, noted entrepreneur, co-founder of Twitter, is also the CEO of Square, a company that is turning to Apple’s handheld devices as a way to revolutionize Point of Sale technology. The latest development sees Square expanding onto the iPad, as well as an app for consumers to manage store loyalty cards.

Availble for the iPad, the Square Register is a software platform designed to work with the Square Reader to manage payments and take the place of those “expensive, complicated, and impersonal commercial transaction system,” –also know as the cash register. Working in tandem with the card reader, the platform gives merchants access to “Google-style analytics” to manage items, check daily transactions, update pricing, automate checkout, generate digital receipts and maintain virtual storefronts. With one swipe of an iPad, your local coffee shop can now easily answer how many cappuccinos sold today or how rain impacts the sale of biscotti’s, Dorsey said.