Is Aperture Coming to the iPad (and iPhone/iPod Touch)?

Patently Apple’s Jack Purcher reports that a recent patent filed by Apple lends credence to the idea that Apple’s photo management application, Aperture, may make its way to the iPad.

A number of patents have surfaced over the last two years concerning light pens and apps moving to touch screens. While one of the first detailed patents surfaced in 2009 in relation to business forms, we’ve since seen some serious advances in Apple’s pursuit of the Smart-Pen including a huge leap in the field of graphics pens. It's the latter that's interesting in light of Apple's latest patent revelation that Aperture is coming to touch displays including handhelds like the iPad. It may even come to future desktops and laptops that offer touch displays, according to Apple. An advanced graphics pen would be great for fast photo touch-ups and appreciated by photographers using Aperture on-the-go. Who knows, maybe Apple is even gearing this up for future hybrid systems. Time will tell.