Electronics Buy-Back Services Reviewed By CNET

Erica Ogg, from CNET’s Crave Blog, recently spent some time selling old gadgets back to some companies that then resell the products. Due to the current rate of innovation in consumer electronics, combined with environmental and economic concerns, the after market for used devices is heating up.

Services like Gazelle.com, Nextworth.com, and eBay Instant Sale do most of the work for you. They evaluate the condition of the item you want to sell and pay you with a check, PayPal deposit, or credit at a retailer based on the resale market value–which each service independently determines. And big box retailers like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Radio Shack have gotten in on the buy-back action too. They will take your old items for store credit toward a new purchase.

We’ve taken some gadgets that people might plan on upgrading from in the next few months and run them through the various services to figure out who offers the best deal.