Condé Nast’s iOS app developer profiled by Ars Technica

Ars Technica is owned by Condé Nast. Condé Nast recently developed some awesome apps for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad for some of their magazines. (I love the Wired app!) Jacqui Cheng sat down with the developer behind those apps to get a sense of what goes into repurposing content for today’s leading content platform.

If you’re not a writer or editor for one of Condé Nast’s famed publications, it’s easy to get lost inside the publishing giant. One unsung hero who labors behind the scenes is Robert “Tolar” Haining, an Ars reader and Technical Architect who has been instrumental in bringing Condé’s offerings to the iPhone and iPad. “The first app I ever worked on was Epicurious, but the original was just a rudimentary version that I wrote on my own time back in 2008,” Haining told Ars. “At the time, we were working on Facebook apps, so I wrote the Epicurious iOS prototype in the meantime just to show it could be done, and suddenly the ball got rolling.”