Marketing Consulting Services Using Cartoons

In my earlier post about how to market professional services like Pokemon, I talked about how companies are using cartoons to market toys to kids. I tried to tie this in with marketing consulting services by showing rather than telling, and suggested that consultants should look for opportunities to capture the imagination of prospective clients.

In a gross lack of thoroughness on my part, I completely forgot to mention a consultant that is actually using cartoons as part of their marketing. Mindshare Consulting LLC principal, Michael W. McLaughlin runs a blog called Beating Feast or Famine, in reference to the typical extremes that most consultants face – you’re either too busy or on the verge of starvation. A while back, he started a series called the Clueless Consultant, which is a collection of animated shorts featuring Stanton Newhouse III, senior partner at Marginal Profit Partners. The videos were created using the easy-to-use tools from Xtranormal.

These animated shorts have me literally laughing out loud, on the verge of tears. This one below, has the lead character explaining to the HR manager that the company needs to start hiring more people. Why? Because Stanton is going to start a Twitter account and the influx of new work will be staggering. (The video also pokes a little fun at Alan Weiss, who doesn’t follow anyone on Twitter.) Enjoy!