Amazon May Discontinue Associates Program In California

Just received this email from Amazon…

6 thoughts on “Amazon May Discontinue Associates Program In California

  1. I just got the Amazon notice, If it comes down, there’s about a kazillion hours of work down the drain. We were hardly making anything from the program, but it was a nice service for our Parallel Perspective’s readers. So much for “free enterprise.”

    Jeff Farrow & Suzanne Radford

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I certainly am not paying my mortgage from Amazon affiliate sales like Chris Brogan, but still, this isn’t the best news…

  2. This situation made me aware of how many people are really po’d with Amazon for a whole slew of reasons. So what would be the big deal if they just added sales tax to orders? They’d still be getting all that free advertising–from us Affiliates–and Amazon would still be raking in $$$.

  3. I think the real issue has to do with the big box retailers that are trying to recoup lost sales from online retailers. A similar situation occurred when lobbyists on behalf of big tobacco pushed through legislation that raised taxes 23000% on tobacco for roll-your-own cigarettes in 2009. Simply collecting sales tax would probably make this situation easier for affiliates, but the nightmare of implementing this would be difficult at best.

  4. It seems to me that there is a good basis for a class action suit and/or violation of civil rights. California affiliates are being discriminated against either by Amazon and/or the State of California.

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