Guidance For Green Building Professionals For Reducing Risk

Joanne Wojcik recently wrote an article for Business Insurance about the increased exposure associated with green building projects. In particular the article focuses on guarantees associated with LEED certification, a situation that may be difficult to avoid when certain public agencies mandate such certification.

Because of the potential for liability, the Washington-based American Institute of Architects recommends that design professionals not guarantee that their projects will meet any type of LEED certification standards, said Edward B. Gentilcore, a partner at Duane Morris L.L.P. in Pittsburgh, who chaired a panel at the institute’s April sustainability summit, which was held in conjunction with the Associated General Contractors of America. He also helped craft the Green Building Addendum, or industry-specific contract terms, that institute members can use.

In fact, guaranteeing LEED certification upon completion of a project would void coverage under most professional liability insurance policies, Mr. Musica said.