Construction Consultant and Deck/Waterproofing Contractor Uses Technology To Achieve More From Less

I just posted an interview with Bill Leys (@Deck_Expert) over at Leys is a deck and waterproofing contractor on the central coast of California (hence the name of his company, Central Coast Waterproofing) that also provides expert witness testimony in construction defect cases, and offers consulting services to owners regarding decks, deck coverings and waterproofing.

He is also a prolific blogger, is active on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. For those of you that question the value of social media, check this out:

Search for “deck expert”

I interviewed Bill because I found out he was using Square to process credit card payments from clients on the spot.

I think Leys provided a lot of valuable information in the interview, so I encourage you to check it out, even if you aren’t interested in construction, waterproofing, or decks.