Passion Is The Fuel For Innovation, Experimentation Is The Vehicle

If passion is what fuels innovation, experimentation is the vehicle.

My first “real” job in professional marketing was managing the direct marketing campaigns for a software company. I had zero influence or control over any creative aspect of the campaigns. My job was more like a scientist. I conducted experiments, gathered data, then analyzed and reported that data. In a big marketing department like the one I worked in, most of us were either on the creative side or the analytical/mechanical side. For solo consultants, and small firm marketing professionals, work requires a balance of left-brain and right-brain thinking and action.

My involvement in publishing content online is a combination of passion and experimentation. I am passionate about the subjects I write about, and I am not afraid to take risks. Even if the result is failure.

I recently concluded some experiments I’ve been working on that (in my assessment) ended in failure. I am closing down both and My goal with those sites, was to provide curated content that was narrowly focused on specific areas. While I was successful at that, I spent too much time on production and wasn’t able to deliver the quality I hoped. I may reuse those domains later on for other purposes, but for now, those sites can be considered obsolete.

Instead, I am going to put more energy into my primary sites: this one (More From Less), and My goal is to post once each weekday on each site. But there is still a lot of additional content that I think is extremely interesting, and I believe that I have (through experimentation) found the ideal way to share that: Posterous.

I have set up two new sites using Posterous. BLHill Linked ( will serve as a “companion site” to More From Less. What you’ll find is curated content related to marketing, business development, personal branding, technology and personal productivity. Eventually, I’ll get around to revamping the newsletter to include this content (or at least some of it), but for now there are two ways to stay up to date: follow BLHill on Twitter, or subscribe to the BLHill Linked RSS feed. (Here is a great video from Common Craft explaining what RSS is.)

The other site will serve as a companion to and is called The A/E/C Brief. You can follow AEC4N6 on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed to stay informed.

Ironically, what prompted me to make these changes had more to do with a failure in my workflow, as opposed to the performance of the other sites. Since getting my iPad 2, I have been forced to adapt my workflow. Using Posterous, I can easily post to either BLHill Linked or The A/E/C Brief in a few seconds using just my iPad. This means that I am able to share more relevant content, with less hassle and in less time. Thus, More From Less.

For those of you that are still on the fence about whether or not to start a blog for the benefit of your clients and prospective clients, give Posterous a look. You can literally be up and running with your first post just by sending an email to post at There are lots of great themes, mobile applications for posting on the go, and Posterous can also redistribute you content to multiple channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Anything attached to your email will be posted and properly embedded, so you can easily share photos, photo galleries, video, documents, or whatever your heart desires.

No more excuses! Most likely, you are passionate about your work. Take a risk and start a blog to give a vehicle for your passion. If you want some help, I’m only an email away.