Getting Started With Social Media Using Posterous & Hootsuite

On Monday, I wrote about how I was using Posterous to share content. Now I’m going to show you how to quickly get up and running with a complete social media management system using just two tools: Posterous and Hootsuite.

Posterous: Your Hub For Content Publishing

Posterous makes it easy to publish content. How easy? You can start your very own blog right now, just by sending an email to post at The subject line of your email becomes the headline of your post. Whatever is included in the body of the email, becomes the content of the post. Want to add photos? Add them as attachments to your email. If you have a single image, it is simply added into the post. If you have multiple images, Posterous automatically creates a dynamic gallery. Posterous hosts the files for you, and takes care of all the formatting and embedding. Posterous can also handle all kinds of files attached to your email, and makes it really easy to add video.

But that’s not all! You can customize your new blog with themes to get the design you are looking for (see some examples). But my favorite part about Posterous is the Autopost functionality. Once you have created your blog by sending an email to, you can configure Posterous to connect to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr, WordPress and other social media accounts. So the next time you send an email to Posterous, it will update your blog AND all of your connected social media accounts at once.

The blog you now have at Posterous becomes an inbound marketing hub allowing you to easily maintain a consistent message across all the channels you and your organization participate in.

Hootsuite: “Social Media Management Made Easy”

Hootsuite is a web application that enables individuals and teams to easily manage their social media profiles. If Posterous is the hub for publishing content, Hootsuite is the hub for listening and engaging. Available through a web browser or on most mobile devices, Hootsuite serves as a complete social media dashboard.

Social media is about real-time engagement. If you aren’t listening to the responses to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or other profiles, why bother? Hootsuite makes it easy to stay aware of not just what people are saying to you, but also what they are saying about you. On their blog, the Hootsuite team rounded up a great set of tutorials from users on getting the most out of the service: Social Tutorials and Wise Advice.

Here is a great overview on how Hootsuite helps with Team Collaboration:

Social media is a great way to increase engagement with your community. It can also be a huge waste of time. Using tools like Posterous and Hootsuite greatly reduce the amount of hassle involved in managing a proper social media campaign. If you are looking for an easy way to get started in social networking, go with the path of least resistance.

Let me know if you have any questions – I’m here to help.

Update – Here is a cool slideshow from Posterous about how the service can be used to cover an event:

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