Gary Vaynerchuk and Steve Jobs: Work-Life Balance

There are a lot of people that I have admired over the years and drew inspiration from. In no particular order, here are a few: my parents, Coltrane, Bird, Dizzie, Miles, Jerry Garcia, Dalí, Sartre, Nietzche, Lao Tzu, Hemingway, Tom Robbins, Fela and Femi Kuti, Tom Waits, etc.

Within a space of a couple days, two heroes of mine both announced that they were walking away from the very thing that most people identify them with. On Monday, Gary Vaynerchuk announced that he was “retiring” from regular online wine video production. Here is the final episode of The Daily Grape, which succeeded Wine Library TV:

Yesterday, as a significant portion of the world’s population knows, Steve Jobs announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Apple.

What’s The Point?

Every person is still just another person. Some people achieve fame and awareness among many. In the case of Gary Vaynerchuk, in addition to being involved in the strategic management of multiple companies, he also has a wife and young child. Speaking engagements, TV appearances, and “the hustle” have kept Gary away from his family many, many times. The wine show, also known as “The Thunder Show,” only added to the commitments that threaten the already precarious work-life balance that exists. In the case of Steve Jobs, the man has been fighting real serious health problems for years. While he has taken Apple to previously unimaginable success as the world’s biggest corporation (in terms of market capitalization), his family and health took a back seat.

I am actually quite happy that both of these heroes of mine are taking back some of their lives. Vaynerchuk has a lot of years of hustle left in him, and he isn’t really “going away.” Jobs, on the other hand, is nearing the end. Imagine how much worse the news would have been if the headline read, “Steve Jobs Drops Dead In A Conference Room At Apple Campus.”

Life is to be lived. Work is a necessary part of life, but there’s much more to life than working. What do you want your legacy to be?