Victims of 2007 San Diego Wildfires Get September 2012 Trial Date Against SDG&E

Nearly 1,500 homeowners suffered property loss as a result of fires in 2007 that are alleged to be the fault of SDG&E and to a lesser extent, Cox Communications. According to, $1B has already been paid out in settlements to homeowners, insurance carriers and Calfire, with approximately 60 plaintiffs settling each month. Currently there are about 700 cases still pending.

Almost four years after the massive 2007 wildfires pounded the county, a judge on Monday set a trial date of next September in a case that pits San Diego Gas & Electric against hundreds of people and agencies that lost property in two of the biggest blazes.

However, how many plaintiffs there will be, exactly what form the trial will take, precisely when it will happen and numerous other issues are yet to be worked out as attorneys continue to hash out myriad details about the Witch and Guejito fires that tore through North County.