This is what Quality Assurance Observation Certification means to Insurance Carriers

On Monday, I wrote a post entitled, “When we build, let us think that we build forever”. In that post I introduced the QAO, or Quality Assurance Observation, methodology. The first project to be certified by OAC Management Incorporated under this methodology, was The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Vail, CO. Here is what the insurance carrier, Old Republic Construction Programming Group, had to say about the project:

Richard Livermore, executive vice president for Old Republic said, “Eleven projects and five years later this is the first quality program that we have ever endorsed and been a part of designating a project Quality Assurance Observation Certified — which points to how rigorous the standards are. We believe this will revolutionize the approach that is typically taken in a construction project. In the years to come we believe you’ll see the Quality Assurance Observation Certification gain the same type of respect as a LEED Certification.

To earn certification, a project team must first be trained by OAC Management on procedures required throughout the Quality Assurance Observation period. Once trained, the project team must then demonstrate the skills in completing the protocols defined in the program requirements.

Once the project is complete, OAC personnel then meets with the project team to close-out the certification process.

Image courtesy OAC Management Incorporated.